Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to officially announce that a new Friday night tradition has formed. A perfect Friday nights includes: Ru, Me, Wine, Cheese, Meat and Seafood. This week we took the celebrations to Marcello’s in Vaughn. We got there around 7pm and the place was packed! We had to wait 1/2 hour to be seated, but the waiters were nice and I can see that they were doing their best to get people seated as soon as possible.


The wine list wasn’t long nor impressive.  We picked a random Riesling from the list and went with it.  It was odd that they had the option of ordering a litre of wine?  Well, I’ve never ordered a litre of wine at a restaurant before, so that’s exactly what I did.  I ordered the litre.  I’ve been here before, and was thoroughly impressed by their grilled calamari. Olive oil, with a bit of pesto sauce and balsamic dressing.


We also ordered a platter of antipasto to share.  Grilled veggies, olives, meat, cheese over a bed of greens.  Perfect for sharing over wine.


Overall, we had a fantastic night.  Good food, okay wine, great company.

Where: Marcello’s Pizzeria
Location: Vaughn, Ontario

What: Anitpasto, Grilled Calamari
Verdict: The Grilled calamari never dissapoints.  Will be back to try to pasta next time.

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