Uptown Friday nights?

After a long week of dealing with sensors, Ru and I decided to go for dessert after work and then have dinner -yes in that exact reverse order.  Our dessert stop is at Dessert Kitchen.  They open at 6pm and we arrived right when they opened.  After studying the menu for a while we decided on the egg pudding and taste of ujiUji is actually a place in Kyoto.  Kyoto is known for their matcha, but it’s an odd reference because it’s based on the assumption that everyone knows that.


The egg pudding was good.  It was just good.  There was no wow factor here except for the super cute presentation.

IMG_4651The Taste of Uji has red bean, mochi sago, coconut sauce and this matcha noodle.  The matcha noodle is very curious.  It tasted like noodles, but it’s not?  It’s not very chewy.. it actually doesn’t taste like anything at all.  Ru didn’t like it one bit.  The rest of the dish was okay, coconut sauce, mochi sago, and red bean was okay.  We ended up fishing out the noodles and ate the rest.

Name: Dessert Kitchen
Location: Markham, Toronto
What: Egg Pudding, Taste of Uji
Verdict: Won’t go back.

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After the not so tasty dessert experience, we decided to look for something savory.  We decided to go to Alice Fazooli’s at the Richmond Hill location.  I always end up here for business lunches.


I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to go with the cheese platter and wine.  The perfect combination of salami, prosciutto, olives, and cheese.  I was never a big cheese platter person but given my new infatuation with wine I’ve grown to like it.


Ru went with a penne with gnocchi, and meat.  It was spicy and perfectly al dente.  Overall Alice Fazooli’s is good, old reliable.

Name: Alice Fazooli’s
Location: Richmond HIll, Toronto
What: Cheese platter, penne
Verdict: Delivered on expectation, no surprises here.

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As a side note, if you are ever wondering how to have a good evening out in the Markham/ Richmond Hill area, you really only need one thing: good company.