Rain or shine!

I was a little grumpy about the rain earlier this week. Then I thought about it, and I feel like an ungrateful child. I get to go on this fantastic vacation, I’m getting time off and I let a little rain bother me. I realized that I was just making my own holiday miserable and the rain had nothing to do with it.

So I rain proofed myself and went to face off with the rain. I was determined to learn to enjoy this rainy weather and not let it get to me. I was hopped on my bike and peddled through the rain. As it started to pour, I took cover in front of a bakery.

I stood there watch and watched as the rain fell. I had no where to go, no places to be. Then I began to notice…

The rain washed colours off buildings, and onto the cobblestone.


Mom and Dad alike sheltering their children and getting soaked themselves. Couples holding each other closer to stay warm. Everyone rushing to where they need to be.


Except for her. She’s learned to laugh and dance in the rain.


Rain on my holiday. It’s fine with me.

Needless to describe how rainy the weather is in CPH. The wind was gusting up to 28km/hr. I road a bike I borrowed from Heidi for the first time, and boy was is scary. The wind was so strong, especially when it was blowing from sideways. I thought I was going to fall over on my bike. Either way, despite the rainy weather, I got up fairly early and left the apartment at 10am. I made my way to Torvehallerne again for breakfast.


I decided to start with fresh juice. This time, I tried the carrot and ginger one. It was tasty, but I think tomorrow I will have the avocado one again. ūüôā I ordered a large this time, and it cost 60DKK (that’s a bit more than $10 CAD)


I walked pass the smorrebord place again, and decided to pass for now because I will be having some with Heidi & Co. this weekend.


I headed over to the other building for some fresh pastry. I ordered a croissant to see how it was compared to the ones in Paris.



And the verdict was… very tasty. Comparable to the ones in Paris. The croissant was very crispy on the outside, and soft and slightly chewy on the inside. I can taste the butter flavour more in this croissant than the other ones. But I wouldn’t say that it’s more oily or anything a regular croissant.


Being satisfied for now, I headed for the Stork Fountain. It’s an old street that’s pedestrian only, filled with all your brand name shops.


I went right to Illums Bolighus. It is one of the largest design shop for home and furnishings, carrying works from major danish designers. Here are a few snaps of goodies I found.

Beautiful 3 piece mirror. I’ll take the sofa too.


And what do you think of this Carl Hansen & Son piece called the Shell Chair.  Only 5k CAD. They deliver worldwide by the way!


As for me, I would not be able to afford anything in this shop. Maybe these miniature ones.


It was raining pretty hard and the wind was gusting like crazy when I was ready to leave. So I went inside another shopping mall, and browsed around. This one looked like the one in Paris.


When the rain died down, I headed for nyhavn, got lost and ended up in Christianshavn.




Coffee break from the cold weather. I have to say, good coffee is hard to come by in CPH. I’ve only had good coffee at The Coffee Collective. I’ve tried 3 different shops, and I’ve been disappointed 3 times. My latte taste worst than the ones from McDonald’s back home. It’s so watery, can’t taste the coffee, and the milk taste like water too.


Anyways, I walked along the canal, to check out these new buildings. They were once old industrial building. Efforts were made to turn them into new office buildings. So here it goes, my first shot at architecture photography.



Dancing in the rain…


For the past week, I’ve been sitting antsy in my 5 x 5 cubicle at work, in my 20 x 15 study, and laying restless staring up at my 15 x 15 room ceiling. ¬†There are a number of things that I’m definitely not good at, and leading the lineup is patience. ¬†I’m very much a go go go kind of person, and being patient has always been an ideology not often practiced by me. ¬†Let me begin by explaining why it’s hard for me.

Time is the resource constraint. ¬†Remember that movie with Justin Timberlake – In Time? I love it. ¬†The movie explores a fascinating concept where time is the new currency. ¬†If I’m going to be patient and take my time, then it means I am going to invest time in “X”. ¬†Any wise investor would then ask themselves, is this the best investment vehicle or are there other options? ¬†The process involves weighing out the possibilities and options. ¬†Keeping things simple,¬†according to Wiki Answer there are¬†approximately 620¬†verbs in the English language. ¬†Let’s say only 25% of those verbs is applicable in the given situation. ¬†That still leaves 155 possible actions that can be taken. ¬† Short of having to sit down and draw out a decision tree, this is the thought process I have to go through before I decide that not doing anything is the best option. ¬†80% of the time I run through the list of possible the actions and have come to a decision before reaching the last resort of not taking action. ¬†This is a long and cumbersome process, and trust me not every situation will command this kind of analysis from me. ¬†An initial cost benefit is done before such a detail decision process is undertaken. ¬†If I decide that the issue is of non-importance, then I will file it into the “I don’t give a shit” cabinet and move on.

In short, if I have not taken action it could mean one of two things.

  1. You are so important that I have decided you warrant my time. I will practice patience.
  2. You are sitting in the “I don’t give a shit” cabinet.

I have rambled on for a bit, but the point is there are so many options that one can take, and yet so many chose to sit still and wait for the storm to pass…

Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.

What if the storm never passes, the door never opens, ¬†the email never comes…? ¬†No patience in this world will help you clear the clouds, open doors, or fill your inbox.¬† So without further adieu, put on some rain boots and get outside!