Resturant Hopping

I was invited to a networking event downtown.  I usually dread going to these things because they are so awfully boring.  I went anyways.  Hung out for two hours and that was about as much as I can take.  I gave Ru let’s get out of here signal and we both ran away.

So there we were, Saturday night in downtown Toronto.  Haven’t had any food yet.  We decided to do a night of restaurant hopping.  First stop was Raijin Ramen (雷神ラメン).  I’ve heard my friends rave about this place, but it’s about time I tried it out for myself.



The atmosphere is pretty casual.  It’s a big restaurant with a lot of room at the back for large parties.  We chose to sit in front of the chef so we can watch them make food as we ate.  Knowing that we were going to be hitting up another restaurant later on, we decided to order one ramen to share.  The decision was easy, as we were both feeling spicy.


Tonkatsu Karamiso Ramen (トンカツ辛味噌ラメン)had a spicy miso soup base.  It had pork shoulder, ground pork, green onions, bean sprouts, cabbage, corn and a bit of chilly oil.  The soup base was very yummy!  It wasn’t too rich and the spiciness was on the light side -which was fine.  The noodles were pretty good, not the best I’ve ever had.  I thought that it could be a bit more QQ (chewy).  Ru thought it was very good.  Overall, Raijin is one of the better ramen I’ve had in Toronto.

Where: Raijin Ramen 雷神ラメン
Location: Downtown Toronto
What: Tonkatsu Karamiso Ramen (トンカツ辛味噌ラメン)
Verdict: I’ll be back for my ramen fixes.

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When it comes to ramen, I’m a bit of a snob as I’ve been spoiled by all the ramen I’ve had in Japan.  So if you are reading this blog, and I’m reviewing ramen, you probably will not see the words “Best ramen ever”… unless I’m back in Japan.  That being said, we were completely happy with our ramen and ready to move onto the next restaurant.  I will review the next restaurant in a separate post for various reasons. -keep reading to find out why!