I’ve been in downtown training for the past week, and I fully took advantage of that.  I met up with a few SGI friends who are super pro photographers to go over details for the Oct 12 concert.  We went to Dineen Coffee for the meet.  I was super excited because I always wanted to try out this place.  I’ve walked by it many times and the interior is so trendy and nice.  Perfect for a get together with friends.

The Baristas were super nice, and we had a quick chat while they were making my latte.  My latte was okay.  The esspresso shot was very good.  It had a very earthy, woody taste to it, which I enjoyed.  The foam was slightly below par, which is why I said my latte was only okay.  The foam consistency was a bit coarser than I liked.  The temperature was done properly -which is hot to the touch at approximately just under 70 degrees Celsius.  Overall, my experience here was good.  I said the latte was okay because I’m holding it to a higher standard -but if you want to know it’s definitely better than your chain coffee shops like Starbucks or Aroma.


Where: Dineen Coffee
Location: Toronto, Ontario

What: Latte
Verdict: Great hangout place.

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Spectacularly Simple Birthday

Ru and I met up for lunch at Black Camel.  It’s a sandwich place that received a whooping 96% review.  They are famous for the roast beef brisket and pulled pork brisket.

The CamelWhen we arrived, the shop was really small.  There was a line up, but the wait wasn’t too long.  We entertained ourselves by taking photos, selfies, and studying the menu up on the wall.  After debating for 15 mins, we decided on the roasted beef brisket.  The choice was actually easy, it was the condiments that we had trouble deciding on.  I went with slow roasted roma tomatoes and mushrooms.  Ru decided on the roasted roma tomatoes and peppers.


Here it is! First bite, it was super yummy.  The bread was good and the beef was very soft.  Now I see why all the rage.  The tomatoes and mushroom added a nice touch to the overall taste, but I found the sandwich to be a bit dry mid way through.  Next time, I would definitely recommend some greens.  Arugula was on the condiments options.  Adding the arugula should make the sandwich less dry next time.

Here’s us with our sandwich.  All happy and no compliments here.


Name: Black Camel
Location: Rosedale, Toronto
What: Roast Beef Brisket
Verdict: Will visit again with R. but probably not by myself. The sandwich was way too heavy for lunch, better for sharing.

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After the super yummy lunch, I needed a caffeine fix.  We headed to Caffe Doria.  Ratings were decent at 84%.  The caffe was super cute, with an outdoor patio, indoor seating is also available and there is a row of seating that is perfect for people watching (a hobby of mine).  I had a cappuccino, and Ru had a croissant.  I honestly don’t know how someone so tiny (all 5ft tall) can eat so much.  I was super full after the beef brisket and I didn’t even finish the sandwich.



Cappuccino was nice.  No wow factor here.  We had fun hanging out in the caffee and said that this would definitely be a place to come back to with our laptops when we are doing our trip planning to the Balkans.



Name: Caffe Doria
Location: Rosedale, Toronto
What: Cappuccino
Verdict: Will visit again for the atmosphere.

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After that, we proceeded to the destination Ru has been waiting for. All things good.  It’s a supermarket with yummy cheese.  Ru loves cheese.  I don’t eat cheese.  So I hung around for the shop while she did her cheese tasting and made her purchase.  Next we headed to the LCBO.  Ru loves wine with cheese.  I love wine with wine.  So we journey into LCBO and Ru quickly grabbed a Inniskillin Riesling.  Not a bad choice as they are probably one of the more known vineyards in Ontario.  It wasn’t until check out that Ru received her birthday present.  The cashier innocently asked for Ru’s ID.  Which, based on the way she looks is fair.  I chirped in that it was her birthday today and we both giggled.  The cashier said “Happy birthday.  Did you turn 19”.  After that remark, it was all smiles….

Happy Birthday Ru!