Rain or shine!

I was a little grumpy about the rain earlier this week. Then I thought about it, and I feel like an ungrateful child. I get to go on this fantastic vacation, I’m getting time off and I let a little rain bother me. I realized that I was just making my own holiday miserable and the rain had nothing to do with it.

So I rain proofed myself and went to face off with the rain. I was determined to learn to enjoy this rainy weather and not let it get to me. I was hopped on my bike and peddled through the rain. As it started to pour, I took cover in front of a bakery.

I stood there watch and watched as the rain fell. I had no where to go, no places to be. Then I began to notice…

The rain washed colours off buildings, and onto the cobblestone.


Mom and Dad alike sheltering their children and getting soaked themselves. Couples holding each other closer to stay warm. Everyone rushing to where they need to be.


Except for her. She’s learned to laugh and dance in the rain.


A Photo Study of Sofia

There is so much to be said about this beautiful city.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words, and I’d like to share a few 1,000 words with you.


Tiles patterned in a scallop shape.  I thought I could sit here all day.


A lovely church that we happened upon.  We took a sneak peak inside and it was gorgeous.


Lucky of us, it was a beautiful Sunday. The sun warmed up the cold brisk air which made it perfect for exploring the city.



The girl has in her hand a traditional Bulgarian Survachkas.  Children make these and they usually attach popcorn, or beans.  It’s all strung up and then attached to the stick.  Then, they will go to elderly people such as their grandparents and lightly pat them with it.  The acting of patting is suppose to give them good health for the rest of the year.  The whacking continues until they receive lucky money.  🙂


Trams that run in the city in Sofia are really old.  They are usually very brightly painted which adds to the charm of the city.