Fall for me

Although Fall doesn’t officially arrive until September 22, the first day of school has always traditionally marked the first day of Fall for me.

Fall for me, has always been nostalgic.  This year, these feelings were compounded.  Over the weekend, LC was in town for her brother’s wedding.  (Congratulations to the happy couple!)


It was a very nice wedding, with a small venue and only close family and friends.  I felt privileged to have been invited.  It’s been a little more than a year since LC was back and all four of us have hung out together.  Time has an odd way of sneaking away without notice.  I remember a few years ago, learning of the news that Bobby proposed to his now wife, we were all shocked.  But when we learned that the wedding was to be held in 2013, we all said “well that’s a long time away”.  Have we grown up so quickly, or did time just slip pass us and we failed to grow up with time?  If time actually flew by that quickly, then how is it that even though I have not seen LC for more than a year, it felt like I only saw her yesterday?  Every time we are apart, time froze and we were always able to pick right back up where we left off.  There’s definitely something to be said about friendship that stands the test of time and distance.

Here’s a stroll down memory lane…




Fall for me, has always been a time to reflect.  Reflect on the seeds that I’ve sown in the Spring.  What have I accomplished?  This year has been a particularly challenging year in all aspects of my life.  I realized that in the first half of the year, I thought I knew what I had wanted but I was actually blindly chasing an ideal.  Having come to terms with what I thought I wanted versus what I actually need – I allowed myself to stop.  To re-calibrate my goals, my focus and reconcile the differences between want versus need.

Fall for me, has always been my favorite time of the year.

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